If you are the sort of person that makes things happen then we'd like to be in touch.
Special rewards for running your own group  


Why you'd want to be an organiser?

There are lots of benefits to starting a Food Club.

And if you're already running a food group without Food Clubs, this will make life a lot easier. Read more here.



What does it take to be an organiser?

A bit of nous and a willingness to do stuff with local people.

The only other thing you need is a place to take receipt of the order.



How it works to be an organiser

(More information here)


Build a group

Find 5,10,15 neighbours, friends, family, and invite them to the platform.

Take Delivery

Once a month (or whatever frequency you choose) the wholesaler delivers the whole order to an address you choose.

Divvy Up

The main job is dividing the order up into individual orders.

Pick Up

Club members collect their orders from your chosen venue later the same day.


Start a Club?

Join us and help make groceries better. (More info)

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