Food buying clubs allow people to buy sustainable groceries direct from wholesalers for 30-50% less  


Speed up sustainability

We know we need to eat better and be better guardians of the land for ourselves and our families.

The sooner we switch to buying sustainable products, the sooner change will come.



by buying direct

Retailers add big margins for little real value.

By cutting them out, you'll reduce your bills in a big way.
And get the food you want.



How a food club works


Order individually

Choose from 7000+ sustainable groceries. The system puts the group's orders together. 


The wholesaler delivers the whole order to the Food Club organiser.

Divvy Up

You don't have to buy whole cases, the organiser makes up each order.

Pick Up

Club members collect their orders from the organiser’s house or local venue.


Join a Club?

Join us and help make groceries better.